10 responses to “New Zambian PF Government vows to review Disability Act of 1996”

  1. mwansa mukuka

    it’s good to know that the PF government has a heart for the disabled. my concern is children with disabilities. i have a son with cerebral palsy. he is in grade 2 at UTH special school. i wait for him at school everyday because his condition is quiet severe and there are only 2 house parents, ladies for that matter to care for over 80 children at the school.im happy that ba mayo ba jean kapata is now in the ministry that looks into the affairs of my son and i. i say so because last year she with other colleagues visited the school last term and saw what the children need. one such need is a school bus because the school only has an 18 seater bus which ferries around 40 pupils at a go on the trip which my son is on.ventilation is also not good as the bus does not have enough windows. now imagine what would happen in case of a contageous disease outbreak? some children are not toilet trained and mess themselves on the bus. some kids have no sence of feeling and ‘body waste’ just flows! can someone please come to the aid of these wonderful kids? they love school so much and are trainable and teachable even if it takes a bit longer! imiti ikula empanga also applies to our special needs children. government should embrace these children now to prevent them from being beggers in the fast approaching future. thanx for reading and please take action!

  2. mwansa mukuka

    dear sir, thankyou so much for your response in regard to the kids at uth school. I’ve just seen your mail and Im trully touched! Heard about the conference and my prayer is that something will work out. I love those kids.
    Kind regards,
    mwansa mukuka

  3. Theresa Ghalaieny

    I am delighted to see that the Disability Act is being reviewed and further delighted to see that Ms. Kapata will increase funding to institutions who provide services to the disability sector in 2013. I would therefore take this opportunity to request that institution not receiving any funding at all to be included in sharing this funding. This is particularly important in the area of sports.
    Holy Family Centre in Monze delivers services to people with disabilities including community based programmes and looks forward to working with government agencies in improving the lives of all people with disabilities.

  4. Maxwell chibwe

    I am a professional who has worked for persons with intellectual disabilities since 2000 ,and have discovered that this group of disability is the most imagnilised in Zambia.
    So I will appreciate if the government will implement the Disability act fairly by providing inclusive education infrastructure ,Vocation training skills courses which suit the employment market and provide equal opportunities for employment for them.
    Besides implementation of the law ,Government should involve persons with intellectual Disability in decision making this way will promote self advocacy among persons with dasabities.


    firstly i would like to appreciate for the fact that the pf govt have heart for disabled people in the country.i am a grade 12 graduated since 2011.my aspiration of studying law have not been fulfiled yet due to lack of sponsors.i will appreciate if the government will come to my aid especially with bursary

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